Kenny, GREAT job this weekend. The info you give on both football and horses is spot on. It is great to find a person in your profession that is honest and reliable.Keep up the great work. Thanks again,
Don C.


You're the best and there is no doubt about that. Thanks again.
Jamie B


Endorsements"Not only are your picks right on but you give quality insite to why you make your selections.  Lots to learn from that."


"Nobody will work any harder to get you the information you need to Cash In!"
John F. Greenhaw
Fayetteville, Arkansas


"Superior picks and football knowledge."
Chuck Rogers
Richmond, Va.


"Having experienced losing with several sports services over the years, it is refreshing to be consistently making money with fbwinners' sharp selections."
Ken Egan
Princeton NJ


"I've playing a long time and have tried many services with losing results.  You have been winning on a consistent basis and I'm happy to be using your service."


"I find you work hard to make people money and I feel also you're very honest."


"FB and his picks both in Horses and Football are by far the best I have ever seen!  He is a consistent winner and is as honest as they come with his record keeping."
Paul G.


"Well written analysis, good information, and above all great results."
San Diego, CA


What a day!  Genius call on TN and what a nail biter (on the over/under) on that FL St - Clemson game. Thank you, thank you thank you FB! You smashed it!

Sean H., California



Hello Kenny,

AMEN!!  Keep up the great work.  You are truly one of a kind. 

Glad to hear that your sports service is ROCKING. 

Your buddy from Vegas,


Kenny it was nice talking to you the other day and you were so kind and helpful.

Clearly you are the only service I have ever used in my 50 plus years of betting

that is logical and delivers consistent, accurate and logical picks.

Obviously no one can win all the time but for once I feel confident in playing

your picks.


In case no one else bothers to say it THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE AND I




Dr S

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