Well the big game is here and everyone is itching to make a big wager on this game.  I treat this game just like every other game on the betting board.  I see one wager on this game worth making and it's listed below.  This is going to be a very good game and the odds makers have no idea what to do with the line on this one.  The early line on this game before Auburn beat S. Caro in the SEC Championship was Oregon -4, and that same night Brent Musberger reported Auburn was a -2 fav.  Well after CRIS the offshore book posted Auburn -3 everyone else posted -3.  Well as of this email the line is Auburn -1 this is the weirdest line I have seen on a BCS Championship game since USC/OU when before game time the line flipped and it might go back to Oregon -1 by game time tonight.

I haven't been an Auburn fan all year long as they should have lost several games this year.  But it just was there year as they came back to win them all.  The only beat Ms. St. by 3, the following week had to come back down to Clemson in the 2nd half and only win that one by 3, the following week S. Caro had them down big and they came back to win that one with S. Caro throwing 3 int's in the second half, they only beat KY by 3.  LSU gave them all they could handle and they won that game on two big run plays.  Georgia jumped all over them and they rallied to beat them and the one I still cannot believe they won was against Alabama.  They have given up over 30 points 4 times this year and over 24 points on 9 occasions.  This defense will have a hard time stopping the Ducks tonight.  Auburn offense has been high powered this year as they have scored over 50 points 6 times this year but 3 of those games were against the likes of Ark. St., La Monroe, and UT Chattanooga.  Another thing most people don't realize is Auburn only played 4 road games this year.

The Ducks have been very explosive team all year long as they have scored over 40 points 10 times this year, and have also broke 50 points 6 times this year.  Their defense has been pretty decent all year long, they have given up 30 or more points 3 times this year and have only given up over 24 points 3 times.  The have held teams to less than 20 points 6 times this year.  The have trailed this year and have come back and won each time.  They were down 21-3 to Stanford and came back and won that game by a margin of 52-31 which means they outscored them 49-10 down the stretch.  They really had one bad game this year and that was against Cal in which they won 15-13, but to not many believers Cal defense is way better than the Auburn Tigers.  They showed in that game they can win in a slugfest or than can win in a track meet.

I have been reading all week long on the preparation of each team and these two teams are at different ends of the spectrum.  The Ducks laid an egg last year in the Rose Bowl to Ohio St. and Coach Kelly has stated last year he treated the game more like an event than a big time game.  They weren't prepared at all and he didn't install any type of curfew last year at the Rose Bowl.  This year he is treating this game like a business and has installed a curfew at 10pm and lights out at 11pm.  The Auburn Tigers have come into this game like they have already won it.  Cam Newton and fellow players have been seen being out till wee hours of the morning (clubin); Cam also made an appearance to a front row seat to a LA Lakers game.  Coach C hasn't installed a curfew and it has shown as the Tigers have been running wild since there big bird landed.  The KARMA in this game is totally against the Auburn Tigers as this team is toting a ton of baggage that has yet to be released.  The SEC isn't as good this year compared to the past 3-5 years.  I really think the PAC 10 has improved this year more than most pundits think.




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